Iric Kian Saya general trading company firstly established in 2006 as an Iranian–Korean trading company in Iran and started its activity with exporting different kind of stones from Iran. Later on we extended our activities by exporting and importing other commodities like juice concentrate , Aluminum Foils , different kind of polymers ,… . During these years , our business counterparts were south Korea , China ,UAE , India , Hungary and Taiwan.

Manager’s statement : Because of our ethical principles , we care about our customers’ businesses  and we believe in win –win transactions  with our customers and suppliers . we are doing our best by sourcing and purchasing the right quality cargoes and dispatching them in right time .We do our best to give the best possible services to our clients . To be fair to our business counterparties is our main goal and we are about to be in this way as long as we are doing business. Hence “let’s deal fairly” with each other.